The App that anchors behaviour changes in teams and leaders

Have you ever been or sent people on a course which had great content but which, after a while, you or those others didn’t necessarily apply?

FitToLead (FTL) is a web-based application based on insights from Neuroscience on how our brains learn new things (behaviors and practices) and unlearn ‘old’ habits. Neuroscience has progressed tremendously in recent years and we now know that the brain is highly ‘plastic’. This means people can truly ‘anchor’ new practices and behaviours and make them part of their ‘DNA’ but there is a part of the brain that holds them back. To tackle this challenge, the brain has to go through 5 stages. What FTL does is to simply take people through those 5 stages for whatever practices and or behaviours they want to adopt. These can be things the individual wants to improve or the organisation wants its people to use more broadly.

Its content is ‘dynamic’. This means that we can load it with practices and behaviours which are precisely linked to what you or your people were taught in those training courses or that you want them to adopt e.g. as part of a culture change. FTL has clever features and functionality to ultimately ensure that they become ‘second nature’ and people do them without thinking.