Leadership Development

If, in the next 2 sentences, you haven’t read anything about what makes leadership programmes successful that you’re not already doing, then stop, because you don’t need us (for leadership).

Our clients tell us that our approach transforms leadership because it:

Like our best competitors, of course our programmes are delivered by a diverse group of extraordinary leaders who have had to lead themselves and get the best out of the people around them in the most challenging circumstances. Similarly, each programme is completely tailored, designed in collaborations and has a blend of learning methods and we develop your capability to sustain the changes without remaining dependent on us.

Ethical Leadership

Our Ethical Leadership Model (ELM), developed with the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance, measures to the extent to which an organization does ‘the right things’ i.e. the degree to which it produces the 14 most important ethical outcomes across key dependent stakeholders groups - employees, suppliers, clients, communities including future generations and the environment - not just when this is relatively easy or out of compliance but precisely when this becomes difficult, risky or even costly. It correlates these levels of ethical outcomes to established measures and value drivers such as reputation and trust, loyalty and motivation, and talent attraction and retention.


Leadership Programme Methods

This infographic explains what makes leadership programmes fail or succeed, and what sets Mission Performance's approach apart. Click to view full graphic.