Internal Coaching Capability

Why Coaching Culture?

A coaching culture should not be an end in itself but a means to achieving your strategy. Once created, it becomes self sustaining, whilst promoting continual improvement and a performance mindset.

In collaboration with you, we first start with the end in mind and really understand how a coaching culture will serve the core strategy of your business and crucially what that looks like for your managers day to day, “In the moment.”

We then design and deliver powerful learning experiences, where we practice the World Class Basics of coaching; building the knowledge and skills to coach effectively through rehearsing real world coaching conversations. We give feedback, then we rehearse again, until we get it right!


An internal Coaching capability will deliver team and organisational learning, aid effective cultural change, increase the engagement of staff and stakeholders across the enterprise and support the delivery of the core strategy. Our clients tell us that a coaching culture becomes the single most powerful tool to delivering their strategy. It becomes the way we do business around here.