High Performance Teams

Team Development

How do you build and sustain high-performance in team which are not only constantly changing themselves, but which also face an environment of permanent change? They need absolute clarity (e.g. purpose, priorities), a very strong culture that drives behaviours, and a desire to work interdependently. For over 15 years, Mission’s facilitators have pooled their experience into our proprietary high performance team model called CCI (Clarity – Culture – Interdependence).

Each component is tailored to client teams’ own context, but there are some ‘constants’ which are so key to performance that we throw them into the mix for teams to consider.

Some of the above may sound like basics, but our people can teach from personal experience how to execute the ‘basics’ consistently to an incredibly high standard, a habit they had to instill in their own world-class beating teams.

We have separate offerings around team resilience and ‘human factors’ (safety culture) which equip teams and leaders with advances practices such ‘what-ifs’ and preparing for crises, encouraging ‘dissent’ and ‘loyal opposition’, situational awareness, distributing leadership, giving control, innovation, controlling controllables, allowing people to be vulnerable etc.