How We Do It

Our Approach

Our approach is entirely based on achieving two things:

  1. Making sure whatever changes you want to see in your people actually stick and last.
  2. Enabling you to become independent of us i.e. build the internal capability to sustain those changes without reliance on us.

When we start, we both agree when Mission Performance will leave. When you work with us, together we will decide and design:

We will also offer you a choice of latest research, innovations, tools and approaches through our partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, which we can incorporate into our joint programme. We will offer you the option of accrediting all or parts of the programme through ILM.

The follow up including the use of mobile technology, internal coaching, training trainers and business projects aimed at increasing your L&D ROI.

How we will measure success at 3 points in time:

  1. immediate course feedback,
  2. impact on ‘people’
  3. the business impacts (e.g. revenue, costs, quality, client satisfaction etc). In essence, a simplified version of Kirkpatrick

If and how we will share risk. Finally, we both agree when Mission Performance will leave