About Us

Who are we?

There are two interdependent parts to our business.

The Mission Performance Consulting Group (MPCG) combines our research into leadership, building high performance teams, coaching and communications with our premium training and consulting services targeted at executive and senior management teams leading organisational change. 

The second is the Mission Performance Academy (MPAc). The Academy enables us to cascade the learning gleaned from the (MPCG) across large learning populations and translate it into practice. This enables us to link your strategy with specific, executable behaviours that will deliver it.

Both utilise FitToLead, our bespoke mobile learning technology, and both are underpinned with robust training design and ILM accreditation if required.

Currently the Academy delivers the following:

Bespoke and open public programmes across our full portfolio include personal impact and brilliant communication, leadership communications, building high performance teams and coaching managers - all of which are accredited by the ILM.