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The Clipper Round the World Race
Operational Solutions for the Oil and Gas IndustryMission Blog Mission Performance Guest SpeakersSarah Ayton

welcome to mission performance

Who we are...

Mission Performance is a refreshing professional development consultancy with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for our clients globally.

Operating as a partnership of highly experienced leaders from backgrounds as diverse as the military, elite team sports, civil aviation, expeditions, mountaineering, exploration, business, theatre and the performing arts.

“We are practitioners and we have 6 performance areas”

Developing committed and inspired leaders
Developing a coaching culture
Developing committed and inspired leaders
Reinforcing personal impact
Optimising your sales effort
Engaging your people

The colours behind our brand...

Mission Colours

The dark blue is drawn from our experience of racing across the Southern Ocean.

The light blue is drawn from our Arctic expeditions and represents the colour of frozen sea ice.

The dark green is drawn from our Royal Marine heritage and specifically the values encapsulated by the commando spirit.

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